Current Openings


As a writer, you’ll be responsible for creating interesting and adventurous articles. It’s your choice on which topic and what to write about. We have analytics showing which articles get the most views, but you can choose at your discretion. There is no timeline to write articles, although having a regular schedule would be preferred. You can write about almost anything, from COVID-19, finance, Oregon, food, health, entertainment, business, etc. This position does not require prior experience. In fact, we welcome new writers and authors with open arms


At SWeekly, we’re passionate about our articles. As a marketer, you’ll be growing our viewer following through social media, referrals, flyers, and however methods you chose. Writers count on the marketing team to determine who our target audience is (through surveys and analytics) as well as our main demographic. This flexible position requires no prior experience, although preferred. 


As a recruiter, you’ll be looking for students interested in our open positions. As SWeekly expands, your goal is to match the demand with supply. In this role, you’ll be searching for fellow students (regardless of school) to work at SWeekly. Whether it’s writers, marketers, etc; your job is to fill those roles. This position does not require prior experience, although preferred.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is critical to the appearance of our website and marketing. You’ll be working on logos and ensuring our website looks appealing. You’ll also be working with marketing on newsletters that get sent out to our readers to improve conversions. Experience is required as we’re unable to train for this position.

Information Technology

If you enjoy thinking outside of the box, this position is for you. IT is responsible for keeping readers happy. By doing so, your job is ensuring software is working together, checking uptime, and more. A basic understanding of IT is preferred, but we can offer training. If you are just getting into IT, you will be dealing with WordPress primarily. A deeper understanding of IT means you get to play with more software. We understand this job may sound difficult, which is why we encourage you to set up a call/interview with our team. Please email us at hello@SWeekly.org or by visiting our contact page.

If you have a skill not listed that you have to offer, please email us at hello@SWeekly.org or visit our contact page