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Thanks for visiting our donate page. As you may know, SWeekly is a free local news website built and run by local high schoolers. Not only is our work 100% free to the public, but we also bring high school students across multiple high schools to collaborate, and learn journalism. All of this, coming at a cost to us.

We’re not here to bag a profit, but donations are welcome to help us pay back certain fees related to the website, aswell as lightly compensating our amazing writers.

For every donation we get, we will donate 15% of the proceeds directly to the Men and Women of our Oregon Firefighters, through the Red Cross donation program, where the money is solely donated to help combat Oregon Fires.

How to Donate

  1. Venmo @Sweekly
  2. Send a check to Sebastian Morse at PO Box 5871 Portland OR 97228 United States
  3. Paypal