Portland Protest 8/29/20

SWeekly has yet to cover the widespread protest happening in our very own city. After the tragic, and unlawful killings of not on George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and hundreds of others it’s time for us as a community to stand up to this. This is not, and shall not be acceptable.

Portland has had it’s fair share of international news lately. From us donating ventilators to Trump sending in federal agents to ease ongoing, and peaceful protests. On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered. And every day after that, peaceful protestors joined together and tell our Government that this is not okay. Only a few of those days were riots, where small businesses were robbed, tore down, and destroyed. That was long before Trump sent Federal Agents in Unmarked Police Vehicles to capture and illegally kidnap protestors.

With the courage of Portland, the protests did not stop there. They did not stop, nor will they, until justice is served. This is an ongoing

Photo: https://www.npr.org/2020/08/27/906729976/police-declare-portland-protests-a-riot-but-this-definition-could-be-rooted-in-r

-Sebastian Morse
Founder of SWeekly.org
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