SWeekly is Back

After a month in a half of no SWeekly post, you may have wondered what had happened. Since SWeekly is compiled of Portland High Schoolers, balancing work and fun time can be difficult at a time like this. All excuses aside, we are excited to announce the new launch of SWeekly.

Thanks to everyone’s emails, I was able to pinpoint exactly what my neighbors liked seeing on SWeekly and in their inbox. SWeekly lives off feedback, and without it, we can’t do what we do. As a high school writer, it makes writing articles much more fun when I know what my neighbors want. If you have any feedback (anything at all), feel free to email me at [email protected]. I personally respond to every email. Whether you have a question, concern, or feedback, the writers at SWeekly would really appreciate it.

One neighbor emailed me a few weeks ago and asked “I just wonder why I have never received a SWeekly Newsletter.” My first thought was to email back saying, “I’m too busy right now for SWeekly.” Then I thought to myself; being a SWeekly writer made me feel so happy. A month and a half ago, I had five high school writers like myself by my side, writing articles for SWeekly. Some authors were interested in the Coronavirus and others interested in more local news. After multiple emails from neighbors, I determined that the news you guys liked the most was local news. You can find news about Coronavirus on CNN, CNBC, KGW, but you can’t find news about Gary, the missing dog, or the Stroheckers plans, or maybe even our very own Portland Gear.

Without SWeekly, I never would’ve gotten the chance to speak to Marcus Harvey, the founder of Portland Gear. Soon, SWeekly will have a new article about another well-known local Portland brand. I never would’ve gotten this opportunity if it weren’t for SWeekly and readers like you.

Every day, I see where my viewers are coming from with an app on my phone. Don’t worry, I can’t see your address or even your zip code. All I can see is the city the viewer is in. SWeekly made it’s way to the UK, China, Canada, Germany, Israel, and tons of other countries. I thought this would be a website for our zip code, but when I see people enjoying my articles halfway across the world, it makes me want to continue.

Since all of our writers are High Schoolers, it was extremely difficult to write articles during school. Now that school’s over, we can dedicate ourselves to SWeekly. A month and a half ago, you may have seen 2-5 articles a day. Now, we will be trying to write articles specific to Portland. Although there won’t be as many articles, we will try our best to keep you informed. For those of you who want articles sent directly to your inbox, you can sign up for our free newsletter. Our mission is to keep you informed on local Portland news. If you’re interested in supporting SWeekly (for free), feel free to read our article on that.

As I said previously, SWeekly can’t function without your feedback. A simple email to me is all it takes to make my day, and one step forward in improving SWeekly. It can be anything like “Great website, but I think you could work on X”, or “Can you write an article about X.” If you wish to remain anonymous, then please visit our Contact Us page and put in a random name if you wish. If you know of a student that would like to have an article in SWeekly, please please please email me. SWeekly would love to have more inspiring writers. We would appreciate writers in grades 6-12 and in Oregon.

Sebastian Morse

Founder of SWeekly.org

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