Breaking: Commerical Fire

PORTLAND, Ore. (SWeekly) — June 17th, 12:34 p.m, 911 was dispatched to 1205 SW Cardinell Dr for a commercial fire. As seen by drone footage taken by Sebastian Morse, there were approximately eight fire engines as well as four other emergency vehicles.

Little information is available at this point. All we know is that this fire was quickly extinguished by the local fire department who quickly responded to the call. No injuries or deaths have been reported. The local fire station near Ainsworth Elementary school was one of the many trucks that responded to the commercial building. Aerial photos shows multiple fire engines on the bridge blocking temporary access to the building. No flames or smoke were seen.

According to Pulse Point, the units sent to this fire were: E1 E13 E15 E16 E21 E3 HIRIS1 HS24 T1 T3 T4.

All information was collected by Aerial footage was legally obtained by SWeekly by flying at approximately 350ft vertically.

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