How the Coronavirus is Affecting Local Businesses

“Starting from 0 followers in 2013, I’ve grown [our Instagram account] to 340,000 followers with people using my #portlandnw 460,000 times over the past five years.” Those are the words of Marcus Harvey, the founder of the well-known local company, Portland Gear. A few months ago, Marcus and his six employees were hard at work, making hats and t-shirts for their big annual sale. Unfortunately, like many other businesses, he had to close his 3 stores because of the coronavirus. 

Being a local portland store, every sale matters. Before the coronavirus, he saw his apparel being sent to all the states and 60 countries. Every year, Portland Gear has a big sale on all of their apparel where you’ll see the line for the store go a block away. In adaption with the coronavirus, he moved his annual sale online in ease of the closing of his stores, hoping it wouldn’t dent the company. His fast pace company went from 6 store employees to 1, with the other 5 working remotely from home.

When I asked Marcus what has changed since the coronavirus, he said they’ve been trying to keep the online store busy without doing lots of photoshoots, video, marketing, and events that they typically do. 

-Sebastian Morse

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