How Serious are the Fires in Oregon?

As I’m sure all of you have seen, either on the news or outside your window, Oregon has been covered in smoke for the past few days, with the air quality index reaching the highest across the world. According to The Statesmen Journal Report, the source of the smoke is a fire in the Santiam Canyon area, just east of Salem, when on Monday night a tree fell onto a power line which then caught the tree on fire. That has caused the 48 wildfires across 500 square miles of Oregon, being protected by 3,000 plus firefighters. Even with all the first-line responders working day and night, it is proving to be hard to fight against the fires, especially with up to 50 mph winds in some places, reported by The Oregonian

With 12% of the state having to evacuate, Oregon Governor Kate Brown declared a statewide emergency for the fires, the first time she has ever done so for wildfires. Governor Brown also said the state will most likely experience the greatest loss of poverty and lives from wildfires in history. Although the fires haven’t hit Portland, we still need to be on high alert and prepared in case of an emergency. Cities have been evacuating all week and the fire will only keep spreading until the winds die down. City officials were advised by the Country Emergency Operations Center that the fires are becoming too dangerous to even have firefighters fighting them. Make sure to be ready for action. Be safe and we are sorry for anyone who has been affected by the fires. 

-Jack Urness
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