Evacuee Housing: Give if You Can, Receive if You Need.

In these times of uncertainty and stress, it is crucial to come together as a community, and stand in solidarity. One major issue approaching us right now is that of the fires, and people being forced to flee their homes. 

As a SWeekly team, we set out to find a solution to help those left without a home. The outcome? A spreadsheet in which people can write in 6 columns: their name, email, number of people they could house, zip code, pets in the homes, and if your place is still available. Many of us have air bnbs in our basements, or maybe just an extra room above the garage. If this is the case and you feel comfortable sharing with COVID-19, I urge you to fill out the spreadsheet. 

Please feel free to share the link, and spread the word! Please also note that this is a platform being created to serve the community. Please recognize that people are working hard to make this happen, and people will be working hard to make it work. The spreadsheet is public. PLEASE be respectful of those in need and only edit the areas that are relevant to you.
LINK: https://tinyurl.com/EVACUEEHOUSING

-Eva Novy-Hildesley
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EVACUEE HOUSING: If you are in need of housing, or have room you can offer,
please visit https://tinyurl.com/EVACUEEHOUSING

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