Multnomah County May Not Receive Share of 2 Trillion Dollar Funding

As said by OregonLive, “Multnomah County might not get its share of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill due to a quirk in the law — one that affects just 26 counties nationwide, including Multnomah.” They also stated that “The federal relief bill passed last month will provide at least $1.2 billion to Oregon to help governments pay for disaster response.” About half of that money will go straight to the state, while the other half with go directly to the cities and counties.

Multnomah County Chair Member Deborah Kafoury

Deborah Kafoury, our Multnomah County Chair Member “is lobbying Oregon’s federal lawmakers to persuade the treasury department to directly fund Multnomah County”(Harbarger). It is unclear at this moment whether or not we will receive funding from the 2 trillion dollar relief bill.


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-Sebastian Morse

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