How the Pandemic is Affecting Each Generation Online

Most people across the world are currently on lockdown in their homes. Outings and typical daily activities have now been replaced with a lot of time on couches scrolling through social media. Although most individuals are in the exact same situation, the amount of time spent online and the type of media being consumed is not the same across all generations.

Image by Visual Capitalist

Global Web Index surveyed approximately 4,000 internet users in the U.S. and the UK between 16 and 64 years old. They have reported that Gen Z’s are the only generation more likely to be listening to music, rather than reading the news. Millennials, Gen X’s, and Boomers are all spending most of their time searching for coronavirus updates. 

Millennials also appear to be the foodie generation, since they are the most likely to be looking for cooking and baking recipes. They are spending more time on a variety of types of media, which encompass online video (44% increase), online TV (41% increase), and broadcast TV (35% increase).

Gen X have reportedly had a surge in their time spent watching TV, watching much more than the others. Their time spent watching Broadcast TV has grown by 45%, and online streaming by 38%.

Baby Boomers seem to be spending most of their media consumption watching Broadcast TV (42% increase). Compared to the other generations, the rest of their time on all other media types is the lowest. Boomers are spending the least of their media consumption on podcasts.

Each generation is putting a lot of their trust in their internet devices to stay updated and entertained greater than ever before. Although people are worried about spending too much time in front of screens, research has indicated that screen time isn’t as much of a concern as the content individuals are consuming that could affect their psychological well being.

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