How to stay fit at home

Having a hard time staying motivated at home? Here are some of the easiest ways to stay active at home. 

1. Exercising with family

The easiest way to fight to get stronger is to do it with another person. This helps a lot with staying motivated and is a way to push each other further than you would by yourself. Also, there are many fun partner workouts that could help the workouts be more fun and also more motivating. Other than workouts, it is fun to go on walks or runs around your neighborhood with someone. Then, you can talk with each other instead of getting stuck in your thoughts. If you don’t have anyone at home you can exercise with, you can always facetime or zoom call your friends and do a workout together online.

2.  Eating Healthily

As many of us have experienced by now, it is super easy to lose control of our diet and fall into the black hole of eating potato chips while watching Friends. To prevent this, a good thing to do is not completely block out “unhealthy” foods from your diet, but reduce the time you allow yourself to eat them. For me, I try to eat healthy during weekdays and on weekends I give myself a break. Another thing you can do is try to buy a healthier snack from the store instead of them and ms you normally get. Whatever you do, don’t start off by eating only healthy 24/7. This is the easiest way to give up on eating healthy as it is usually very hard to do at first. In general, eating healthy is an easier way to not only be healthier, but it also makes you feel better during the quarantine. 

3. Guided Programs

Like I mentioned earlier, working out with someone else is a lot easier than alone. Recently, lots of companies have been creating better programs for online workouts that you can do at home. For example, The Nike training app has now made premium access free for all users. This opens up a whole new world of workouts, nutrition, and even mindfulness exercises. Also, if you are a member of the MAC, they have created a very full schedule of online workouts and yoga classes using Zoom, so you can do it with the instructor and other people taking the class. There are many more examples of companies making it easier for people to stay healthy at home. It would be very worth it to give a guided workout a shot. 

Even without access to a gym, there is no excuse for not staying healthy. Exercise also helps keep your mind off of things. With plenty of resources, try to motivate yourself to get that extra workout in!

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