Government Camp Update

Many of us, myself included, have had our ski and snowboard season cut short thanks to COVID-19. As fewer people are going up to the mountain, it makes it not only harder for the ski resorts to stay in business, but also the local shops in Government Camp. The majority of the restaurants and shops are closed for now.

Luckily, the Govy General grocery store remains open so the locals can stock up on food for the time being. Despite the conditions, the Taco Shoppe and Mountain View Cafe also remain open (takeout only). The US forest service has advised Timberline to close Timberline Road until further notice. Although there are many closures, the snow keeps piling up and the people up there are having a good time just staying inside.

If you or your family are going crazy and need a change in scenery, we would consider taking a short trip up to a cozy cabin in Government Camp, not only to have a good time in the snow but also to support the local businesses. Just remember to continue practicing social distancing anywhere you go.

Stay Safe.

April 4th UPDATE: As of this weekend, the Mountain View Cafe closed and Charlies has opened for takeout on Saturday and Sunday only.

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