April 2nd, 2020 SWeekly News Digest

Welcome to my first SWeekly News digest. Here I will sum up some of the smaller articles going around

Can cats get the coronavirus? A study in China found that cats can contract coronavirus. Said by OregonLive, the coronavirus has been found in a few dogs in Hong Kong. They continued to state “The Chinese study determined that coronavirus also reproduces “efficiently” in ferrets, but that, like dogs, chickens, ducks and pigs have low susceptibility to the virus.”

Gun Stores dubbed ‘Essential Service’ by the Federal Government. As of yesterday, gun stores can remain open to continue the purchasing of guns and ammunition. Gun manufacturers saw a spike in sales over coronavirus fears.

Software company zoom is getting hacked. Zoom, a live video chat software, has seen random people joining video conferences. Some users experienced hackers joining conferences and shouting racial slurs. That’s not the only heat Zoom has been getting this year. Zoom also got in trouble for giving out information to Facebook without the user’s consent. All of this stopped the upward trend of zoom’s stock.

Mena, Kelly. “Gun Retailers Deemed ‘Essential Service’ by Federal Government.” CNN, Cable News Network, 1 Apr. 2020, www.cnn.com/2020/04/01/politics/guns-essential-service/index.html.

Morris, David Z. “How to Stop Hackers from ‘Zoom Bombing’ Your Zoom Video Chats.” Fortune, Fortune, 2 Apr. 2020, fortune.com/2020/04/02/zoom-bombing-what-is-meeting-hacked-how-to-prevent-vulnerability-is-zoom-safe-video-chats/.

Perry, Douglas. “Cats Can Get Coronavirus and Pass It to Other Cats; Dogs Are Much Less Susceptible to the Virus: Study.” Oregonlive, 2 Apr. 2020, www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2020/04/cats-can-get-coronavirus-and-pass-it-to-other-cats-dogs-are-much-less-susceptible-to-the-virus-study.html.

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