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Eating out at restaurants was an activity my family and I participated in weekly before COVID-19. We love to eat good food and explore Portland’s growing food scene, and cooking every night can get dull and monotonous. Therefore the gift of take-out is not something we have shied away from these past few months. That being said, some restaurants have done an outstanding job adapting to the new norm of take-out and others have fallen at the opportunity to make a lasting impression on the people of Portland. I’m here to give you the rundown of my favorite take-out spots from the past few months.

 I graded each restaurant on three key components out of 5. The first being ordering ease was, was it ready on time, and was it clear and simple to order? The second was the restaurant- to- table transportation quality, was the food still warm when you got home and was the packaging secure to not spill or leak the contents? Finally, the food quality, was it up to par with the in person restaurant version and did it taste good? 

The first restaurant I want to talk about (my personal favorite of the three) is Mediterranean Exploration Company ($$$). The food was delicious, maybe even better than when I had eaten it before COVID. Everything was packaged securely and with care, and finally, the ordering is easily done online where they have a clear menu and very well done website. It’s a perfect 15/15 from me. 

Next is Portland’s famous (for good reason) ¿Por Que No? ($$). The food tasted fresh and was still warm by the time we got home, 5/5 for food quality. As for restaurant-to-table transportation, the packaging was secure and they use all compostable eco-friendly containers, an aspect I love, 5/5 for this component. The only downfall to the experience was ordering ease, a few months ago when we first tried ordering from ¿Por Que No? it was pretty unclear as to which locations were open and when, once we got that sorted and managed to order online the food was not ready on time and took at least 15 minutes longer than expected, therefore I gave them a 3/5 in this category. That being said overall it was very good landing them a solid 13/15. 

Finally is Brunch Box ($) a local breakfast sandwich bar. For ordering ease the food was ready on time, correct, and super simple to do over the phone, 5/5. As for transportation quality when it comes to breakfast sandwiches they manage to do pretty well, as expected the food was a little colder when the whole trip was done, but still warm and packaged securely, a 4/5 for that. Finally is the food quality, they have a pretty large menu with really good options for all types of eaters and their food met their usual standard (really good), 5/5 for food. Landing Brunch Box a 14/15. 

Portland has a variety of really great restaurants and food carts all over, without being able to fully enjoy eating out in the way we used to, these three spots have changed the game when it comes to take-out. I hope you try one of these restaurants next time you don’t feel like cooking at home!

-Kate Haddon
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