With the coronavirus outbreak, many volunteers are stepping in to help the elderly and compromised

With all the heartbreaking stories going around here in Portland, there have been many people struggling to get through each day. After seeing this, there have been countless generous neighbors stepping in where most people wont to help make sure that everyone gets through this alright. 

With the growing need for food, medicine, and other basic needs, people from around the neighborhood are helping people in need by getting them groceries, medicine and other basic need free of charge. As many health officials have warned us, we must stop visiting the elderly and people who are more vulnerable to prevent the spread of the disease. These people also must stay inside and away from people as much as possible. Because of this, most of them are unable to access food from grocery stores and other things they may need to survive. This is where our neighbors are stepping in. Many of the recent posts on Nextdoor have been about someone trying to help out the most they can. Most of the posts also have proved to be very helpful as there are many people who need help and are reaching out for it. 

Some people are also a little concerned about the health of both the helper and the recipient, as contact with each other may cause the spread of the virus. To reduce that, both people are making sure to stay more than six feet apart. Also, any physical items exchange are wiped down thoroughly with sanitizing wipes. This is a good way that we can help our neighbors who need it most. If anyone is able to do something like this for someone who needs it, it would help a lot and will be a larger impact than you would think.

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