What’s up with Oregon Schools?

Schools all over the globe are being canceled, which leads to one question. When will schools open back up? Many predictions have been made. President Trump wanted the economy open by Easter, but then changed his guidelines on social distancing to April 31st. The coronavirus is forcing many businesses to close, and many going out of business. At this point, only essential business may remain open. It’s unclear when this pandemic will end, but we can say not soon. 

Many companies, such as Johnson and Johnson and General Motors have contributed to helping fight the coronavirus. General Motors was ordered by the government to produce ventilators for hospitals that are running out. Johnson and Johnson have begun to try and be the first to create a vaccine. Little information is available about testing and vaccines, but we do know that these vaccines won’t be created anytime soon. Odds are, students will not have school this school year. Kate Brown ordered all Oregon schools to close until April 31st, although it is likely that the date will be pushed back. After that, Gov. Kate Brown ordered a stay home order for Oregon. Essential business will continue to stay open.

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