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Welcome fellow Neighbors. As an avid viewer of the app Nextdoor Neighbors, I’ve seen all sorts of information being shared around. A lot of which is true, and some exaggerated. The co-founder, Jack, will also help write these articles.

Our goal is not to get our point across or to change anyone’s mind. We are here to summarize the news to you. Jack and I will write articles every day explaining the top stories of Oregon. To keep everyone happy, we will also be writing happy stories. If you have a story you think I should write, please send it to me.

We make sure to keep this service free of charge. No subscription, no monthly fees, no nothing. We rely solely on donations made from people like you. Unfortunately, having a website like this isn’t free. There are many charges associated with it. These articles are written by high schoolers, and we encourage any high schoolers interested in writing to contact us and have your article featured in Sweekly News

If you have any questions, feedback, or news tips, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you want to learn how to support us for free, please visit our Support Page. We’ll make sure to respond quickly.

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